Professional Skills

Professional Skills at Providence College

The professional skills initiative at Providence College exists to prepare students for a successful professional career following graduation.  The program focuses on particular skills that fill any potential gaps existing between academic learning, co-curricular learning, and professional development.  This initiative is grounded in the needs of the current and future job market as well as career education and student development.  The program is guided by the Friar Four Career Core.

The Friar Four Career Core is not just a catchy name, it’s a highly strategic integrated learning plan. It will provide students with the necessary toolkit to succeed in their life beyond Providence College. By attending workshops, students will develop a core set of skills that will help them thrive in their career.

Staff Contacts:

  • Sarah Soule, Associate Director of Professional Skills

The Friar Four Career Core

Professionalism & Work Ethic
Taking classes in this core will help students find jobs and stand out to employers by teaching them how to have a strong online presence, share tips for their job/internship search and salary negotiation. This core will also provide a firm grasp of office etiquette.

Teamwork & Collaboration
Students will spend most of their professional life working in and with teams. This core will teach them skills to effectively interact with others by using their strengths and emotional intelligence.

Communication & Influence
In addition to working with others, students will need to learn how to communicate, motivate and influence others. They will also learn personal branding, how to build and manage their network, as well as tips to help master their professional communication.

Technology & Analytics
This core will tackle the nuts and bolts of business as it applies to every career. Students will learn budgeting basics, improve their financial literacy, data fluency and search engine optimization. The Chirico Career Center offers plenty of opportunities to become certified in Microsoft Office products before graduation:

  • Excel CORE and Excel EXPERT
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • More to come!