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The Friar Involvement Tracker received the Distinguished Program Award at Suitable’s Pathways To Student Development conference in July 2021. This award recognizes programs for their expertise in using Suitable to best serve their student population while supporting their mission and vision.

Student involvement in the Friar Four Career Core (F4CC), FLIP, and other PC competency-based milestones and badges is tracked in an online platform within the Suitable application. This platform helps students visualize their pathways, measure their progress, share information with potential employers, and even compare their pathways with other PC students.

Students accumulate points by attending and/or participating in experiential learning activities, which are promoted through the application and announced in PCSB and CCC newsletters. Point levels are determined by the depth of involvement and the type of competency associated with the activity.

This platform also provides a way for students to demonstrate their progress in completing milestones and badges to recruiters and companies. Companies are most interested in recruiting students who demonstrate professional development, leadership skills, and campus engagement. A student’s online dashboard shows one’s progress through career exploration, acquired business skills, and campus involvement.

How to Sign Up for the Suitable App

  • Download the Suitable app to your phone from your regular app store
  • Use your email to register
  • Login through the Providence College portal within the app
  • Allow camera access to the app
  • At eligible events, look for and scan QR codes, which certify your participation and/or attendance
  • Once the application notes that a student attended and/or participated in an event, it applies this event to their pathway and records the points earned in the student’s account