five students wearing tie-dye Don't Wait t-shirts in the Ruane Atrium

The Chirico Career Center

Discerning and Preparing for Who You Will Be

The Chirico Career Center at Providence College partners with all students to help them identify, enhance and accomplish their career development, internship, job search and educational goals in their transition from college to career. We work with students to discover their passions, develop professional skills, and then find where their passion, skills and the market intersect. We believe it is there that you find a life of meaning and purpose. We believe that work is part of a meaningful life, and that having a “good job” and “doing what you love” are not mutually exclusive.

Career Coaches in the Chirico Career Center assist students in identifying and executing individualized game plans which increase the likelihood that their passions, their skills and the market will intersect. Learn about our philosophy.

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