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PCSB Internship Process

Providence College School of Business (PCSB) majors: accountancy, finance, management, and
must gain prior approval to register for major-specific internship course. Students must
complete the following steps to receive credit for business internships.

Students are only eligible to register for and receive credit for the course(s) below, regardless of
internship industry. You take the course aligned with your major. Please note, this course is pass/fail,
and cannot be applied to any business requirements. 450 courses are considered a free elective.
Students can only apply up to six credit hours toward their 120-credit hour degree requirement.

Students who want to continue with the same internship provider, the second internship must have
either different or increased responsibilities and approved by the Chirico Career Center and their internship instructor.

Fall and Spring Courses

  • ACC 450 – accounting majors only
  • FIN 450 – finance majors only
  • MGT 450 – management and marketing majors only
  • BUS 450 – study abroad internships only

Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Internship Instructors:

  • Accounting – Dr. Julia Camp |
  • Finance – Paul Scanlon |
  • Management and Marketing – Patrick Davenport |
  • Business – Dr. Jacqueline Elcik |

Internship Courses – Summer

  • MGT 450 – finance, management, and marketing
  • ACC 450 – accountancy
  • BUS 450 – study abroad internships

PCSB Internship Requirements

Internship requirements vary by major. Please see the major internship handbooks for specific
internship requirements. The handbook will be updated in 2022 to reflect the new courses.

Internship Approval Processes

Students must complete the following steps as outlined below. Any student who is unable to meet the
deadlines, will need to submit a petition to be approved to be registered for a PCSB internship.

  1. Student obtains an internship and confirm with company that they can receive credit for it, meaning that the employer is willing to participate in the learning process, by completing the learning agreement and completing the employer evaluation using Handshake. Students may contact their internship instructor to determine if any exception can be made.
  2. The student contacts the Chirico Career Center (Slavin 108) to indicate that the student has secured an internship offer and wants to receive academic credit.
  3. The CCC staff member(s) reviews the PCSB internship process with the student. This review will cover the learning agreement process, deadlines, and Handshake learning agreement instructions.
    • CCC then connects the student to the department internship instructor.
  4. The internship instructor works with student(s) to complete the learning agreement pre-worksheet/ go over the requirements of the internship course and provides the student(s) with a syllabus.
  5. The student then submits the learning agreement to Handshake. This must be completed no later than the by the end of week one (fall internship & spring internship) and before Summer II (summer internships).
    • It is the student’s responsibility to help expedite the approval process with his/her site supervisor(s) in conjunction with the CCC staff member.
  6. The internship site supervisor and internship instructor both approve the learning agreement.
    • This step must be completed by the end of week three (this is the last day to add a class without a late add fee) for fall & spring and week one for summer term.
    • CCC will help to ensure that the Internship instructor approves via Handshake.
  7. Once the internship is approved, Tess White will email PCSB UG Office to request that the student be registered for the class with a copy to the instructor, student, and chair.
  8. Once approvals have been obtained the student is registered for the course, the Handshake status for the internship will be marked as completed.
  9. Student must check to be sure he/she is registered for the course and will work with their internship instructor to review course expectations.

Petition Process

Students who receive a late offer of an internship and are required by their employer to be registered
for an internship course, must petition to be accepted into the internship course late. Additionally, any
student who does not complete the process, as outlined above, by the end of week three (fall and
spring) and week one summer II (summer), will need to petition for an extension, which should include a dated offer letter/email.

The petition should be submitted to the PCSB dean designee, Dr. Jacqueline Elcik, Senior Associate
Dean,, and students should include the following as part of their petition:

  • Letter or email offer for the internship, that must be dated after the third week of classes.
  • Rationale for why you need the internship course, and why you are requesting a late add.


Questions about internships:

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